Desmos for Social Justice

Undergrads walked into my math pedagogy class at UC Berkeley this evening as emotional as I am about the results of the election.  So we talked about it.  But first, we graphed it.  Using Desmos Activity Builder I asked students to graph time versus their emotions over the past 48 hours.  We spent the next 90 minutes analyzing graphs, points of interest, and ended by pushing the tables out of the way, standing in 2 concentric circles with them paired up, talking about everything from how the election affected them, to how it affected students in their teaching placements, to what their role, as future teachers should be in supporting their students to be mathematicians and scientists committed to social justice.

2 thoughts on “Desmos for Social Justice

  1. I love these graphs.

    I love how each student used the power of graphing in different ways to show how they were feeling.

    I love how Desmos made it possible for this to be done simply and elegantly and expressively so that students were able to concentrate on how to show their feelings rather than struggling with the tools they were using.

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