Pokemon for Breakfast on the First Day of School

I’m tempted to post this without comment.  But comment I shall.

Since I’m not in the classroom, I can’t show this on the first day of school.  But if I were still teaching 8th grade math, I think I would.  Then I’d have them turn and talk, introducing themselves to a partner and discussing whatever the video made them think about.  No idea what this  video refers to?  Your partner will.  Or you’ll both lean over and ask the pair alongside you.

Somewhere along the way on that first week we’d do an activity with Desmos.  And when Friday rolled around, I’d have them do a quick write and pair-share to compare and contrast playing Pokemon Go to sharing a laptop with a partner when doing math as part of a Desmos Activity.  But sadly, I don’t have my own classroom filled with eager 13-year olds to build relationships with or affective filters to lower.

Since I now lead professional development more or less full time, I will instead show this video as part of my opening talk to the 100+ Berkeley K-12 teachers attending my department’s 3-day Instructional technology Institute.  Spoiler alert if you are a Berkeley teacher reading this…

And I do hope the Desmos folks forgive me for mentioning Pokemon Go and Desmos in the same sentence.

OH NO…video was taken down today 8/5 for copyright reasons.  So sad.


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