Revival (yet again)

Here we go…much time has passed and I’m sure both you and I are far wiser.

It’s February.  My birthday month.  A leap year.  A month to ski, celebrate presidents’ birthdays, and the coming of spring.

A far more important consideration is how schools celebrate Black History Month.  I’m loving how the 6th grade team at my alma-mater (or at least my alma-mater for my impressionable years in my development as a middle school math teacher) integrated Google Forms and sociology for a full grade-level immersion into issues of race and education.

As explained by my colleague Robert MacCarthy, “Instead of staying “safe” for Black History Month at my school, my sixth grade team of teachers wanted our students to look through the lenses of race and gender as sociologists. They helped craft a survey and polled all 180 students. The entire 6th grade was mixed up into random teams and they came up with their own claims after analyzing the data and started seeing that we are not walking through the same world. This is day one. It was awesome to let 11 and 12-year-olds start seeing the world through race lenses, especially our kids who are not of color because they rarely do. It was powerful for us to see them open up their math toolboxes to find these differences.” More to come next week when they will be sharing their results with one another.

Brilliant use of Google Forms.  I’m in awe.





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