Nitty Gritty GeoGebra News

This is a quick post primarily for anyone who attended my GAFE presentation today in Palo Alto.

Quick reflection.  Fixing techy things on the fly in front of an audience isn’t something I’m entirely comfortable doing.  Even after 2 years as a TSA for Technology, I’m still a whole lot more comfortable working with teachers one on one than I am presenting to a large group.  I used Pear Deck for a few opening slides and while in my head I was 100% sure  how to mirror my screen so that the audience saw the ‘student view’ on the screen while I saw the ‘teacher view’ on my screen, I still got flustered when it didn’t quite work as I had anticipated.  And, when I did mirror my screen, I needed to change the resolution so that the edges of my screen didn’t fall off the big screen and somehow it never occurred to me to pause my presentation for 10 seconds to do that.  Why not?  Who knows.  It was quite silly of me to not just fix it and me typing it here will remind the inner-workings of my brain to not ignore that in the future.

On another note, I promised to write about how to ensure that Desmos and GeoGebra show up in your Google Drive if they don’t appear when you search for them.
google drive desmos First, be sure you’re following these three steps and type in either Desmos or GeoGebra after clicking on “Connect more apps.”

If you are logged into your school GAFE account and either or both of these programs aren’t found, you need to contact your GAFE administrator who will need to open up these apps for your district domain.  In my district, it would be the Director of Technology to contact, but it may be different in yours.

Also, a note on saving work in GeoGebra. Again, if this method doesn’t work, it has something to do with how the app is or isn’t restricted in your district GAFE domain and you should contact your GAFE administrator.Saving in GeoGebra

1) Go to the hotdog (3 lines) in the upper right-hand corner.  2) Click Save.  3) Click the GeoGebra icon in the lower left corner of the save dialogue box which opens 2 saving icons.  4) Click on the Google Drive icon that appears.  5) Title and save your GeoGebra file.

Alternatively, you can export the file as a .ggb file, find it in your downloads folder and upload it into Drive.  That way is very clunky, but it works.

And that is the nitty gritty.

In other news I enjoyed Chris Betcher’s keynote this morning about how to think more critically about ways we integrate technology in schools.  Remember the Jetsons?  How they had a flying car?  To where did they fly their amazingly innovative technology?  To work!  He cautioned us about limiting students’ uses of new technology to simply ‘fly to work.’  Good stuff.


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