Have Kids? Missing Math?

In just a few short weeks my kids and I will be partaking in this water obstacle course on Lake Siskiyou in Northern California. After several tentative years in the water, my 6-year-old recently learned to swim and now I can’t seem to get him to keep is head or body above water.

6030665773_0bbe5b76f5_z So while I’m not encouraging anyone to stay indoors with their kids doing math or technology this summer, I wanted to share a list I made for elementary school parents in my school district for summer activities.  Teachers often send home summer reading lists or ask that kids read 20 minutes per day over the summer.  And libraries often have summer reading games.  But what about doing the same for math? I put this list together for families in my district in the hopes that math could get equal air time to reading this summer.  Maybe I’ll find time later to comment on some of my favorites, but in the meantime, I hope it’s useful to other parents.


2 thoughts on “Have Kids? Missing Math?

  1. As usual–Very good and clever.

    It is so obvious about how reading gets priority and no one thinks of math. Why did no one think of this sooner

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